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        LAD Group


        Reanda Group Holds 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2022 Contracting and Signing Conference

        On the afternoon of December 25, Reanda Group 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2022 Contracting and Signing Conference was held in the group company. Leaders including Chairman Huang Litai, Chairman Zhao Wenbi and President Jin Jiyang of the Group attended the meeting.

        Chairman Huang Litai expressed his heartfelt thanks to all Reanda employees for their dedication over the past year, and warmly congratulated the advanced individuals and collectives who were commended by the conference. Reanda's brilliant achievements have brought together the hard work of all Reanda people. She hopes that, in today's high-quality development, Reanda people will not forget their mission and responsibilities, and not forget the original intention of struggle.

        Chairman Wenbi Zhao said that it will take more than one year to take over the “handover” of Reanda Group, and he deeply feels that the mission is at heart and the responsibility lies on his shoulders. In the past 30 years of development, Reanda has gone through the changes of the times and has seized development opportunities with a spirit of hard work. Nowadays, when the development of traditional industries encounters bottlenecks, the integration of the digital economy and the real economy has also brought new opportunities. Reanda will take sustainable development as the goal, continue to quantify, optimize and connect the industry, realize self-evolution, promote the efficiency and cost reduction of the entire industry chain, and create new value.

        Focusing on the macro-environment and industry situation, President Jin Jiyang elaborated on the work situation in 2021 from the group’s business sectors, financial investment priorities, the work situation of the group’s various departments, brand development, and the promotion of industrial digitalization. Focus on planning.

        Representatives of various departments exchanged speeches on the 2021 work overview, work completion status, next year’s work plan and other directions, reflecting the performance, results and problems of the work in the past year from multiple perspectives.

        The group leaders and the main persons in charge of various departments signed the 2022 "Operation Target Assessment Responsibility Letter".